Choria Server

Choria Server is the component that runs on every managed device. It hosts various plugins that can be accessed remotely via a RPC layer.

It’s a stable and robust agent designed to run forever with minimal resource overheads on managed devices.


  • Hosts Choria RPC Agents
  • Hosts Choria Autonomous Agents
  • Hosts foundational technology for Choria Scout
  • Supports optional self-provisioning and enrollment into a Choria network in a IoT device like manner
  • Communicates using a JSON based network protocol with extensive JSON Schemas
  • Deep RBAC integration for Authentication, Authorization and Auditing
  • Supports mTLS or JWT token based security layers with, optional, integration into Enterprise SSO, IAM and systems like Hashicorp Vault
  • Supports Open Policy Agent for Authorization
  • Emits Cloud Events for network management and observability
  • Embeddable in Go applications to provide in-process management for automation backplanes
  • Extensive features related to gathering and streaming of Node Metadata
  • Distributed as RPM, Deb, DMG, MSI across many architectures