Choria Broker

Choria Broker is a set of features that, in a fully decentralized setup, is the only central component Choria needs. It is highly available, clustered and very high performance. The messaging layer is based on NATS with a number of Choria specific additions.

A single Choria Broker can manage 50,000 devices on a low budget compute instance - though a cluster of at least 3 brokers is recommended for availability reasons.


  • Choria Brokers is the core message passing middleware, this is a managed NATS Core instance
  • Choria Streams is the data streaming solution used by various Choria components, this is a managed NATS JetStream instance
  • Choria Federation Broker connects entirely isolated Choria networks into a federated single network
  • Choria Data Adapters to move data from Choria Broker to other technologies
  • A Choria specific authentication layer