Runtime Settings and Tools

When just invoking appbuilder various utilities are exposed, your apps also take some Environment Variables as runtime configuration.

Builder Info

General runtime information can be printed:

$ appbuilder info
Choria Application Builder

        Debug Logging (BUILDER_DEBUG): false
  Configuration File (BUILDER_CONFIG): not specified
        Definition File (BUILDER_APP): not specified
                     Source Locations: /home/example/.config/appbuilder, /etc/appbuilder

Here we can see where applications are loaded from and more.

Run Time Configuration

As seen above a few variables are consulted, below a list with details:

BUILDER_DEBUGWhen set to any level debug logging will be shown to screen
BUILDER_CONFIGWhen invoking a command a custom configuration file can be loaded by setting the path in this variable
BUILDER_APPWhen invoking a command a custom application definition can be loaded by setting the path in this variable

With these variables set the appbuilder info command will update accordingly

Finding Commands

All applications stored in source locations can be listed:

$ appbuilder list
│                                   Known Applications                                    │
│ Name   │ Location                                     │ Description                     │
│ mycorp │ /home/rip/.config/appbuilder/mycorp-app.yaml │ A hello world sample Choria App │

Validating Definitions

A recursive deep validate can be run across the entire definition which will highlight multiple errors in commands and sub commands:

$ appbuilder validate mycorp-app.yaml
Application definition mycorp-app.yaml not valid:

   root -> demo (parent): parent requires sub commands
   root -> demo (parent) -> echo (exec): a command is required